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2187 UNION UPDATE TEXT: 11/23/20

Good afternoon Local 2187 family,

I wanted to speak with you all today, not only to provide you with an update on how far we have come since this pandemic impacted us in March, but to continue to express to you all of how proud I am of all the hard work and sacrifice that you have done so far. COVID-19 has impacted all of us professionally and also personally. We all know friends and family that have fallen victim to this illness, and for that I would like to offer my deepest condolences to all of you that have suffered these loses. Since the pandemic began, Local 2187 leadership has worked tirelessly fighting for our members. I am proud to sit here and say that the staff, Stewards, and Executive Board Members of Local 2187 have fought hard. From our contract extension which continued our protections and ensured an annual raise at the height of the shutdown, to the massive strides made with alternative work schedules, which has allowed our members to work from home, flex their time, or even work A/B schedules or hybrid schedules, and the like. I applaud all of those who educated our members on FMLA+ and the Cares Act. Those staff and Stewards who stood outside in March and handed out PPE to our members when the City could not provide them.. Thank you! I am forever grateful to those 2187 representatives who fought for our members who were at higher risk and received accommodations and negotiated accommodations for members with childcare issues when the School District went 100% virtual. As we enter this next wave together, I wanted to let you all know that I, the Staff Representatives, Executive Board Liaisons, and all of the Stewards, collectively will continue to fight for the protections that so many need. To be clear, this announcement from the Mayor on Monday is not a shutdown. The City will continue to offer services to the public. In light of that, we have already completed outreach to departments, pushing for the early stage policies and protocols that were enacted in March to be implemented again. I have met with the City weekly since March and have expressed all of your concerns that you have brought to us; Thank you for that outreach. COVID will pass and our Union will be stronger because of it. I want to continue to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you. The work that you do and the continued sacrifices that you make, do not go unnoticed. Please call your Union Stewards, Executive Board Members, and Staff Representatives with any concerns, questions, or issues. We are here to advocate, educate, and stand beside you; no matter what. Stay safe and take care of each other. We are stronger in solidarity. We are Local 2187. Thank you.


April Gigetts

AFSCME 2187 President

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