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2187 UNION UPDATE TEXT: 5/7/21

Good Morning 2187 Family:

I wanted to reach out to update all of you on the OnePhilly lawsuit settlement.  As you know, Local 2187, along with Local 2186, and Local 159 filed a lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia because of the issues around the OnePhilly implementation in 2019.

I am sure many of you recall the paycheck issues that we had when some employees were underpaid, overpaid, or not paid at all.  In some cases, paychecks were missing leave time and basically had all kinds of incorrect information.

The lawsuit that was filed in Federal court led to many meetings between AFSCME District Council 47’s legal council, the respective Local leadership, and the City of Philadelphia’s attorneys and representatives.  After months of meetings and discussions a settlement agreement was met.  Also, just so everyone knows, we met the OnePhilly team aside from our more formal meetings and were able to resolve issues as we became aware of them.

I want to touch on a couple of the main points of the settlement agreement, so that you have a better understanding of what it entails. As part of the settlement, the City has created a portal for our members to file a OnePhilly claim and I hope that you have received the notification about how to file a claim.  The settlement agreement will be posted on our website, afscme2187.org, along with the notification.  Claims to file would be for any money, leave time, or any errors that you have experienced.

The most important point of this video is to alert you to the deadline of May 24, 2021.  Please submit your claims by that deadline.

The settlement also outlines a process that will be utilized to resolve issues by timelines of meetings regarding claims submitted to the portal. This includes an expedited grievance process for those issues that cannot be resolved by the resolution meetings. The OnePhilly settlement agreement has allowed us to create a system that has a clear defined procedure to resolve claims.  If a claim is not resolved according to our predetermined timeline and an expedited arbitration, the decision of the independent arbitrator is binding.

In closing it is vital to file your claim by May 24, 2021, in the portal the City has created.

I continue to urge that you communicate any One Philly problems payroll issues or leave problems to Union Staff Representatives, your 2187 Executive Board Liaisons, or your Stewards.  We want to ensure that everyone is protected and is given the opportunity to be protected under the rights allotted to us through this settlement agreement and our collective bargaining agreement.

Thank you and have a great weekend!


-April Gigetts, AFSCME 2187 President



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