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Latest Union Update: City Contract Update 5/8


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope that all of you and your loved one are staying safe during these very trying times. We especially want to acknowledge the hard work of our members who have been working on site to provide essential and vital services to the residents of the City of Philadelphia, as well as all who use City services while they are in Philadelphia. Through our members’ heroic efforts, the City is a healthier and safer place. It is with profound sadness that I inform you that Troy Hughes, one of our members at the Philadelphia Prisons, passed away from the Coronavirus. His funeral services were Monday, May 4. We wish his wife and family sympathy in this difficult time for them.

First, I want to let you know that the members of Locals 2187, 2186 and 810 overwhelmingly ratified the one year extension to their contract. Also, we have agreement with the City to increase the bonuses to $750 and $475 under the same conditions as in the extension terms you received.

We know that these are very tough times for the City’s budget. Because of the City’s loss of revenue it is imperative that Congress pass legislation to help State and Local governments balance their budgets and minimize the impact of service cuts and possible layoffs. Some of you have already received text messages from AFSCME International asking you to contact our US Senators and your Congressional Representative to demand that State and Local government assistance be included the in next bills passed by Congress. It is particularly important to contact Senator Patrick Toomey to insist on his support for his home state and constituents. No conditions attached!! Just the necessary relief so that we can get our economy back to provide the necessary services for everyone. This is not a bailout!! Our state sends more money to the federal government each year than we get back in federal assistance. We have bailed out other states every year. Just give us back the money we have sent.

The LA Lakers, Shake Shack, and others didn’t need assistance. They took it until it became an embarrassment and then had to return it. PA and Philadelphia need the assistance we are seeking. Senator Toomey can be reached at 1-202-224-4254 or 215-241-1090, Senator Casey can be reached at 1-202-224-6324 or 215-405-9660, Representative Boyle can be reached at 1-202-225-6111 or 215-335-3355, Representative Evans can be reached at 1-202-225-4001 or 215-276-0340, Representative Fitzpatrick can be reached at 1-202-225-4276 or 215-579-8102. Please contact both of our US Senators and your congress person and demand that Congress include State and local government assistance.

This information can be found on our website: www.dc47.org.

Again I hope that you and your family stay safe, respect others by wearing masks when you are outside, and abide by social distancing guideline. I will continue to update as developments occur concerning the City budget.


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